Best Pet Birds: Most Friendly and Entertaining Birds in 2020!

Did you know that approximately over 5 million homes have pet birds in the U.S?

Owning an adorable pet bird has a lot to do with just getting a loud, large, or expensive bird. The colorful parrots are in everybody’s mind when a pet bird is mentioned; however, you need to unravel more birds to make the best pets for your home before you buy.

As a beginner, there are many friendly birds to choose from, but it is crucial to always deal with a trustworthy breed or bird store to get healthy and well-socialized birds for a first pet. Below is a list of options to ease your work in deciding on the best pet birds for your home.

Five Best Pet Birds for Beginners

1. Budgies

Budgies are also known as parakeets. They are tiny but adorable and can be entertaining when trained to execute numerous dupes. These small cute birds are also very friendly and affectionate when you tend to them well. It is possible to teach them to do tricks, but they can too cram to talk, hence making them outstanding for pet birds. The parakeets are also an affordable option for a pet bird companion.

2. Finches

If you are looking to buy your child a pet, finch is a perfect option. Finches need less attention, or you do not have to care for them too much. As much as your child’s joy is essential, it is also crucial to keep the bird pet happy; therefore, get the finches in pairs or multiples because of their social nature. They love flying around and not climbing therefore, get a bigger cage for them to fit perfectly even when they start having the regular territorial fights amongst them. These little charmers are fun to watch, flashy and fast-moving as well. You can easily make a great companion out of finches.

3. Amazon Parrots

The Amazon Parrots are lovely and brilliant hence among the most expensive birds available. They are a little bigger and love attention, therefore, enjoys shining in the glare of publicity all the time. They are also among the best chatterers and love to joke a lot hence make amazing pet birds. However, as a beginner, if you are not comfortable with so much noise, you can opt for quieter counterparts like white-fronted, blue-fronted and Red-lored parrots. Nevertheless, allow your parrot pet to exercise, socialize, and have toys to play.

4. Peach-Faced Lovebird

The lovebird is as tiny as 5-6 inches to fit into your pocket. Remarkably, a peach-faced can live solo and, if well taken care of, can go up to 20 years. For starters, get a male lovebird as your first pet. The little lovebird is gorgeous, playful, and active. It enoys when you carry it around as it is very affectionate but not as loud. A lovebird can also learn a few phrases and tricks.

5. Canaries

Last but not least, the canaries are an excellent option for beginners. Known for their beauty and songs, canaries require less attention and handling. Don’t handle them, let them sing in their cages. Amazingly, only the male canaries sing, females don’t. They come in vibrant colors of orange, yellow, green, and brown. If you are not an interaction type, then canaries make the best pet bird for you or even your child.

Before getting a pet bird, consider its life span, foods to feed it, level of noise, the type and size of the cage it needs, any special needs required, and the care to give it.


Regardless of the choice of pet bird you make, a vet will always play an essential role in your life. Always have regular vet visits with your bird to ensure its health is top-notch, bearing in mind some illnesses can be transmitted from birds to humans even if not so much of a risk.

A healthy bird equals a happy bird hence a more satisfied owner.

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