Best Pak O Bird Carriers In 2020

Best Pak O Bird Carriers

Do you have the best Pak O Bird carriers for your feathery friend? Well, just as it is okay for people to walk with their dogs and cats, it is also very okay to go out with your feathery friend more so, in the best Pak-O-Bird carrier. A Pak-O-Bird carrier will enable you to travel everywhere at ease with your bird companion.

With the stiff competition out there, you are sure to come by tons of bird carriers. But the ideal one will act as a home to your bird, providing comfort, safety, and space. After all, home is best.

Whether your Pak-O-Bird is a backpack or you want one to carry over the shoulders or top handle, the buying guide and qualities to look for are quite the same.

Folks have always reputed that the devil is in the details, so let’s look at the best Pak-O-Bird carriers’ unique features.

 5 Best Pak-O-Bird Carriers

1.   Celltei Pak-O-Bird- Overall Best Pak O Bird Carrier

Do you want a Pak-O-Bird that lasts forever? Celltei never disappoints. It is famous for making well-built bird carriers globally because of the durable material of construction. The material is tough and waterproof to withstand any weather conditions.

 As tough as it is, the Pak-O-Bird is lightweight, well ventilated, and comes with different shades to suit your preference. Remarkably, you can also have your Pak-O-Bird specially customized to fit your needs.

How big is your feathery friend? There is no need to worry because Celltei Pak-O-Bird has different sizes, so your bird type will fit comfortably. Besides, you can also have one that can carry more than one bird. What’s more?

This Pak-O-Bird carrier can be carried from the front, back, or side depending on your pet’s comfort and security. In places with lots of people, it is safe to bring your feathery friend to the front.

Your bird needs to eat, and that’s why the Celltei Pak-O-Bird comes with two food bowls. This lessens your burden of carrying extra bowls to feed it. Most birds perch, so there is also a perch in the Pak-O-Bird carrier for your pet’s comfort. Both the bowls and perch are easy to install and disable when cleaning the Pak-O-Bird.

There are roll-up covers on the front and side for privacy and perhaps to protect your bird from harsh weather elements.

For a lifetime worth investment with admirable features and accessories, go for the Celltei Pak-O-Bird.


  • Lightweight
  • Food bowls and perch included
  • Durable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Different colors and sizes
  • Easy to carry from the front, back, and sides
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive

2.   Petsfit Bird Carrier

The Petsfit bird carrier is a cost-friendly way to carry your feathery friend outdoors to change the environment. Even though it is way cheaper than Celltei Pak-O-Bird, the Petsfit bird carrier has incredible competitive features.

This Pak-O-Bird carrier has versatility in carrying ways, back like a backpack, over the shoulder, and top handle. If you feel like interacting with your bird, you can strap it at the front, just like a baby. Amazingly, you can fasten a seatbelt through the straps at the back with the same procedure as a baby’s car seat. Thank goodness for the easy to read instructions that explain how to go about achieving this feature. Please read on for more.

The zippers are of high quality and hard to break. Don’t believe me? Well, good luck in trying to break them.

At the front, there is a transparent plastic window for the bird to enjoy sightseeing. The heavy-duty doesn’t easily break, which makes the kit long-lasting. Also, there are rollover shades on the sides and front for privacy if your bird needs to sleep.

When it’s feeding time, you don’t need to worry because the kit has a well-placed feeding bowl. You can put a water bottle and not worry about it slipping out since the area designed for it is snug. The removable tray is a superb addition, as it is easy to remove and clean.

As if it’s not enough, the zipper pouch and mesh pocket are an added advantage for carrying foodstuffs or prescriptions. The top ventilation holes are big enough to give your feathery friend treats through them without unzipping the whole Pak-O-Bird carrier.

Last but not least, the Petsfit bird carrier is easy to clean from outside to inside.

For a cheap but practical and stylish Pak-O-Bird carrier, go the Petsfit way!


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Feeding bowl, perch and water bottle area
  • Ventilation holes
  • Storage bag
  • Fits almost all birds


  • The aggressive chewer birds could chew through the plastic window or mesh. 

3.   Jerrycat Bird Carrier Backpack

Who said Pak-O-Bird carriers should be mundane? Check out the unique Jerrycat bird carrier that looks like an astronaut bubble space capsule with a transparent striking design. The see-through hard shell protects your bird friend from dust, pollen, and even flu.

Nothing is as tiring as having to carry something with your hands all the time. Therefore this Jerrycat Pak-O-Bird carrier enables you to free your hands and take it as a backpack. If, however you decide to carry it from the top, the handle is soft padded and comfortable to hold. What else?

Whether you carry it as a backpack or from the top handle, this carrier is lightweight and fits all bird genders of various sizes. Make sure to check the size of your bird before purchasing the Jerrycat bird carrier.

The attractive design is not just on the outside but also inside. There is a Sherpa soft-lined mat on the bag’s floor for your bird to feel comfortable on extended travels or even sleep on. It also includes a stainless steel tray and two cups for feeding times. The cup holders have elastic bands attached to the sides and not placed high up; hence even old birds that cannot perch can reach them and feed.

The wooden perch included provides a sufficient grip for the birds. Once the bird lands on it, it will not slide off hence enables stability.

If you like a stylish and eye-catching design for a Pak-O-Bird carrier, go for the Jerrycat.


  • Flexible carrying ways
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish design
  • Feeding bowls, stainless steel tray
  • Wooden perch
  • Lightweight


  • Not well ventilated hence recommended to use only for a short time
  • Comes in just one color

4.   Prevue Bird Travel Carrier

Has your feathery friend fallen sick, or have you been called for an emergency short travel and cannot leave your bird behind? The Prevue bird carrier is ideal for short term use, emergencies, or short travels. But this doesn’t make it less effective since the bird is in it for a short time. On the contrary, it is fully equipped and well-built, just like those for long term purposes.

You can carry it on your shoulders using the detachable padded shoulder strap or the top integrated carrying handle. The Prevue Pak-O-Bird carrier is lightweight hence strain-free to move up and about even when in a rush.

The window screen on the front features a breathable wire mesh for adequate air circulation and comfort. The wire mesh allows your bird to see and enjoy its surroundings. Also, you can unzip the front panel to let your bird friend climb in and out quickly. With the front panel opening up with no hassle, you have full access to the carrier’s interior, that is, if you want to feed the bird or clean the carrier. Stay put.

The Pak-O-Bird carrier has a padded floor that is removable to make cleaning easy when your trip is over. It also includes an adjustable wood perch according to the preference of your feathery friend.

If you still want maximum security for your feathery friend in the bag, you can use a small security lock on the double zipper locks.

Looking for a bag for a quick dash out with your feathery friend, get the Prevue Pak-O-Bird carrier.


  • Multiple colors
  • Lightweight
  • Well ventilated with wire mesh
  • Flexible carrying ways
  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient front opening
  • Double zipper locks


  • Does not come with a space for food or water

5.   X-ZONE PET Bird Travel Bag- Best Stylish Pak O Bird Carrier

The X-zone bird travel bag offers a convenient, safe, and elegant way to step out with your pet bird. It is lightweight but made of rigid thick-gauge polyethylene material and hexagonal mesh fabric that provides a broad perspective for unobstructed adventure and paramount airflow for your bird.

Since it is lightweight, it is also portable; hence you can carry it easily by the handle or hang it on your shoulders. Conversely, the weather is unpredictable in most times, therefore the unique shade design present. In case of extreme sunny weather, the shaded design offers cover for your pet bird. What’s more?

The X-zone bird travel bag is transparent on the sides, allowing you to have a good view and quickly check on your feathery friend’s wellbeing while on the go. This feature also boosts the field of vision for your bird with no strain.

Nobody wants something hectic and stressful to set up, but the X-zone bird travel bag is easy to assemble and dissemble. Sounds pretty convenient, right? It also comes with a solid wooden perch and a removable bottom tray that is easy to clean and store by folding when not in use.


  • Lightweight
  • Tough and scratch-free material
  • Flexible carrying ways
  • Shaded design against harsh sun
  • Wooden perch and removable bottom tray
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Wide point of view


  • Doesn’t come with feeding bowls and water bottle hence needs you to buy

After acquiring knowledge of what to look for from the buying guide, choosing from the above best Pak-O-Bird carriers should be comfortable.

Now that you have bought the Pak-O-Bird carrier of your choice, how do you make sure your travel is successful?

Safe Travel Tips for Your Bird

When it comes to travel, the personality of every bird varies. Those that quickly get stressed and the young ones should stay at home. On the other hand, big and mature birds adapt quickly to different environments. All in all, travel is interesting for all birds accompanied by their favorite person as it allows them to enjoy the outdoors and keep their minds active.

But how do you make sure your bird is a good traveler?

          i.            Does Your Bird Have A Routine, And Will You Maintain It While On Travel?

It would be best to avoid traveling with the very young birds as you are yet to establish a stable and suitable feeding, playing, and hygiene patterns. If the routine is not specified, you cannot be able to maintain it.

Conversely, travel is best suited for mature and adult birds that can quickly adapt to any change in their routine.

        ii.            For How Long Can Your Bird Remain Comfortable in The Best Pak-O-Bird Carriers?

You are used to quickly reading your bird’s moods at home, but it can be challenging once you hit the road to a new destination. This will need you to pay additional care to your feathery friend to avoid stress.

 Before undertaking a long trip, you should familiarize your bird with the travel carrier. Preferably start with short trips as you steadily increase their extent.

      iii.            Is Your Bird Pet Healthy?

Before any long trip, visit a vet for a health check-up to establish if it is safe to travel with your feathery friend. Find out from the vet if your bird will be okay with schedule and diet changes while on travel. Other birds get stressed by travel more than others with things like getting tired quickly and phobias. A stressed bird equals a stressed owner. The stress of travel could cause more severe complications in a bird that is already ill.

      iv.            Is The Destination Safe and Legal for Your Bird?

It is best for safety and legality concerns if your bird travels in a precisely designed travel carrier. Never leave your bird unattended for long if you are busy while on the trip. Make sure to have someone to look after the bird.

Check the climatic conditions if they are suitable for your feathery friend before booking that trip. Be sure that the route and destination have no disease outbreaks that could affect your bird.

Surprisingly, some places do not allow certain bird species. Therefore be sure in advance that your bird species is legal or permitted in the travel destination you are planning on visiting. Always have a health certificate signed by your vet within ten days preceding your departure.

Each state has regulations governing animals’ movement, so check links for the latest updates. Traveling abroad with your feathery friend can be complicated, so do all the due diligence to avoid disappointments.

        v.            Will You Spend Time Your Bird At Your Destination?

The main reason for bringing your feathery friend on your travel is to have time outside the home. You should also play, feed, and clean your bird just as you would back at home. However, if your travel will be more engaging hence less time for your bird, consider having a pet-sitter. That way, the bird will not be stressed and feel neglected.


A serene trip takes adequate planning and preparation. Plan the basics, like the best Pak-O-Bird carriers, food, and water for your bird. There will be less for you to worry about with proper planning in place, hence more time to enjoy a trip with your feathery friend. Include your pet bird on the next trip, Bon Voyage!

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